Dallas Collateral Recovery Attorney

Your Legal Right To Debt Recovery

As a creditor, when initial collection attempts fail, you may need more advanced methods to secure the money that is owed to you. When you face secured transaction collection issues, asserting your rights to collateral can be the difference between a financial loss and repayment on an outstanding debt. However, collateral protection and recovery are governed by complex laws. The consequences for improper collection methods can result in lawsuits and heavy fines. With so much at stake, it is vital to retain a reputable collections attorney to work on your behalf.

Protecting Your Interests In Collateral Collections Matters

At Beasley, Hightower & Harris, P.C., a significant portion of our practice focuses on creditors' rights. We have an in-depth knowledge of collateral collection laws in Texas and can help ensure that your rights to assets are not compromised. We may even be able to help with so-called judgment-proof debtors. Our services include:

  • Collateral protection: Our lawyers are skilled in determining priority status for repayment and first rights on liens, including mechanic's liens and garageman's liens.
  • Collateral recovery: If you have a debtor who will not pay and refuses to communicate or is hiding assets, our law firm can initiate the collateral recovery process within the court system. We have a significant track record of success in obtaining pre-judgment writs of sequestration, judgments and writs of possession for vehicles, boats, airplanes and business inventory.

Property Seizure Lawyer Serving DFW And Statewide

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