Protecting Creditors During Bankruptcy

As a creditor who is trying to collect on an outstanding debt, nothing can seem more frustrating than receiving notice of a debtor's bankruptcy filing. However, just because a debtor files for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, does not mean that all hope of repayment is lost. As a creditor you have rights, and with proper legal guidance, there may be options to secure partial or full repayment, even with a bankruptcy filing.

Protecting The Rights Of Creditors During The Bankruptcy Process

At Beasley, Hightower & Harris, P.C., we provide representation of creditors in both consumer and business bankruptcy cases. Ours is one of the most respected collections law firms in Texas. Our firm handles numerous bankruptcy matters and we have a highly refined knowledge of creditors' rights during bankruptcy.

If a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, contact our law firm immediately. In Chapter 13 cases, we advocate for full repayments. In Chapter 7 cases when the debtor is seeking full dismissal of his or her debt to your company, we will look into potential issues involving fraudulent transfers, discharges obtained by misrepresentation and the effect of community property laws on nonexempt assets. If there is a legal way to secure repayment in bankruptcy or vacate the discharge injunction, our lawyers are positioned to find it.

While much of our work for creditors during bankruptcy focuses on offensive action, we are also fully equipped to defend against claims of violating the automatic stay. Many times debtors simply are out for vengeance against creditors and can bring unfounded claims. When this happens, we are here to help.

Chapter 7 And 13 Attorneys Representing Creditors Throughout Dallas

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